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About Us

SCHOLA POLONICA offers Polish language courses for foreigners. Caesar said: “I came, I saw, I conquered” and you can say: I came, I learned, I speak. It will be as great a victory as the victory of Caesar.

SCHOLA POLONICA works with foreigners from all parts of the world: Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, and representatives of various professions: business, teachers, financiers, tourist guides, sailors, housewives, lawyers, journalists, pilots, filmmakers and many others.

SCHOLA POLONICA is renowned for a friendly and homely atmosphere. You will be attending small groups (max 5 persons), where students benefit from individual attention.

Your teacher will constantly monitor your progress to assess where and when to help you. If necessary, you will also be helped in a variety of everyday situations. Our philosophy is to customize the methods and study programs to the needs and abilities of students.

A large variety of courses in our school gives everyone a chance to find something suitable for the individual requirement. Schola Polonica courses are conducted at all levels.

We offer a full range of language services: teaching Polish, all types of translations and language processing of all kinds of documents. We are situated in the heart of Warsaw – close to the Vistula River, near the statue of the Warsaw Mermaid – the emblem of our capital. And within easy reach to the University Library.

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