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Needless to say, today most people look for information on the Internet.

It’s good that the Internet exist! The Internet has no boundaries and can reach any place in the world. It is therefore important that our offer is understandable for consumers.

SCHOLA POLONICA specialty, as a translation agency, translation of web pages in many languages.

Schola Polonica, translation agency, performs all kinds of translations mainly to/from English, German, French and Russian. The translated texts concern finance, law, agriculture, medicine, politics, construction, telecommunications, science and technology, to name just a few areas of our experience.

SCHOLA POLONICA, translation agency, offering comprehensive services – certified translation, consecutive interpretation (business discussions, negotiations), conference and simultaneous interpretation (conferences, scientific – technical, symposia, fairs). We work with many interpreters, who are outstanding experts in different fields. Our highly qualified translators make translations in 20 different languages.

SCHOLA POLONICA provides a full range of services:

  • general and specialist translation,
  • interpreting: conference, accompanying and simultaneous,
  • language expertise – the development of documents and texts in terms of linguistic correctness (Polish, English).

We did translation and interpretation services for many famous companies such as: the U.S. Embassy, ORFE SA, PZU SA, the Swiss Bakery – Hiestand, Sanitec Kolo, Poland Gallup Organization, the European Cooperation Bank SA, Unit -Information Publishing, Association of Polish Teachers’ Union, the Polish Craft Association, Association of Agricultural Sector Workers and many others.

Languages from/into English, German, Danish, Dutch (Flemish), French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic languages, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Hungarian.

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