Study Polish -
for good times and bad times!


SCHOLA POLONICA, Polish language school for foreigner was established 20 years ago. Through all these years of continuous creative work in a stable team we have collected an enormous amount of experience that helps us establish special programs tailored to the needs and abilities of our students.

Due to our experience, SCHOLA POLONICA was invited to participate in an international program concerning preparation of e-learning platforms for 5 languages: Turkish, Spanish, Greek, Russian and Polish.

It took us two years to create the program at A1 level that fully complies with the criteria of the European Union. A major problem was to find the best solutions to the participants’ self-study curriculum. This adventure gave us a lot of new experience and resulted in an invitation to participate in the next language program entitled: Polish for refugees. We now also cater for participants ranging from teenagers to adults 70-years old mainly from Chechnya, Dagestan and Georgia.

Our task is not only to teach them Polish but also help understand Polish culture and customs, and also encourage them to succeed. Through language studies we help them to adjust to the different culture and reality. We were happy to see that the majority of them successfully passed the final test and were able to start an independent life in Poland.

This experience gave us a chance to expand our work and we established a new training program for teachers entitled - How to teach children of refugees. This program was designed for both refugee children coming from abroad as well as those already born in Poland.

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