Study Polish -
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Our Teaching Method & Our Tutors

The team of teachers working at the SCHOLA POLONICA, Polish language school for foreigners, work with passion for each new challenge. Teachers are receptive to meeting new cultures, and they are looking for the most interesting way of presenting their own traditions, customs and current information.

SCHOLA POLONICA teachers are recruited from universities and all are familiar with at least one foreign language. They all are educated in the methodology of teaching Polish as a foreign language, and have passed a practical exam.

Our teachers, with their extensive experience, conduct courses at all levels. We are able to creatively solve different problems as our staff have experience in different fields.


SCHOLA POLONICA has developed its own method of teaching Polish based on up-to-date communicative and functional methodology and motivating, essentially practical approach.

Our Method:

  • Every student is treated individually;
  • Non-stressed atmosphere that helps overcome the fear of talking;
  • Polish is the only language spoken in the classroom;
  • Orienting the student in the use of language in everyday situations to develop communication skills;
  • Interesting and diverse ways of practice such as – natural way of arranging talks, games and crosswords, a video-program which helps extend students’ skills;
  • Individual or small group lessons (2 – 5 persons).

We look forward to seeing you and will be happy to present our teaching style in a free "mini lesson"!

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