Study Polish -
for good times and bad times!


Comfortable accommodation is a very important part of learning. That is why our school is ready to help any student who asks for it.

Our proposition:


This an excellent way to practice your Polish. Simple conversations concerning everyday life allow you to use your new knowledge of the language and to learn many new words and their pronunciation. Additionally, you get to know the reality of life in Poland, Polish customs and the main things – Polish hospitality and of course – Polish cooking. The family you live with will help you with sightseeing round the town and visiting the attraction sites, theatres and museums. The name “Polish Family” is a rather conventional one and doesn’t actually mean parents with 2 children. More often the family is a married couple with adult children who don’t live with their parents, or single people who can give more time to care for students. All these families have many years of experience in housing our students. Their flats are situated in different parts of Warsaw, but travel to our school will take you no more then 30 min. by public transport.  Recommendation can be found.


An inexpensive hotel is located very close to our school, where we can make a reservation for you. Two other hotels are within 20 minutes walk from the school, and are situated in a pleasant neighborhood, near a park.  We can make reservations in other hotels, depending on our students’ needs, budget and demands.


For people who like their independence and don’t like to live in hotels we have another proposition – furnished apartments, located in interesting parts of Warsaw – for example in the Old Town.

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