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Polish for Intermediate students "Krakowiak" - MULTI-LEVEL INTERMEDIATE COURSE/COMPLETE PROGRAMME FOR INTERMEDIATE – It consists of 2 levels. Every level contains 72 lessons. Every level can be studied separately. Part of this programme is a video-cassette, which enables you to use an extended vocabulary, develop the skills of understanding, writing reading and speaking.

  • contains 216 lessons (90 topics) and about 1300 words.

Level B1 – "Wiwat"

contains 72 lessons and about 810 words.


  • the skill of communication in different situations of everyday life
  • reading and writing longer texts;
  • writing various kinds of texts;

YOU WILL then be able:

  • to communicate in real-life work situations with colleagues and clients, for example:
  • to recruit a new employee, or to make a business trip;
  • to take part in discussions;
  • to answer an e-mail.

YOU WILL be familiar with elements of Polish culture and traditions, and the most famous historical sites

Level B2 – "Krakowiak"

  • contains 72 lessons (30 topics)


  • to extend your understanding by reading daily press;
  • to enrich your vocabulary by studying various documents;
  • the use of language structures.

YOU WILL then be able:

  • to talk to your colleagues, business partners and clients;
  • to discuss current affairs;
  • to write formal texts;

YOU WILL be familiar with Polish customs and culture.

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