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Oral comprehension - You can understand the language much better than you can speak it. You can hold conversations about general topics and about your opinions.

Speaking - You can describe yourself and who you are. You can talk about your preferences and hobbies. You can say what you did in the past and what are you going to do in the future (in simple words).

Reading - You know how to read a text in Polish. You can understand short texts about different everyday situations: your job, free time.

Writing - You can write a short note or letter when you want to meet somebody.


Oral comprehension - You still tend to translate, you do not feel confident in the language. You understand general topics and some specialist information.

Speaking - You have no problem communicating in everyday situations (e.g. car repair). You can give your opinion about personal feelings and partake in discussion.

Reading - You can read and you understand a newspaper.

Writing - You know grammar. You can write longer texts on various topics.

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