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Courses outside the city

Poles believe that Poland is a beautiful country and there are many undiscovered places here. You can visit many beautiful cities, castles, palaces and open-air museums as well as other monuments of architecture.  However the biggest attraction is still our well-preserved nature. Beautiful national parks and natural landscape – fortunately, with not too many tourists - offer the possibility of direct contact with beautiful nature and wildlife.

These are the places in which SCHOLA POLONICA, Polish language school for foreigners, can run its off-site courses, apart from the regular year-round in-school lessons. This is a unique opportunity of highly intensive language training for foreigners, combined with tourist attractions and recreational activities, which forward learning of the language. These courses usually last from one week to three. Regular classes of 3-5 people are normally held in the morning or in the morning and evening. They are supplemented by a daylong conversation with the teacher and the need to communicate in Polish in all situations, which gives positive and quick results. These sessions are offered at any level – from zero to advanced. Off-site Courses are held throughout the year and can be both group and individual.

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